SW Front Ave & Harbor Drive, 1970

This could almost be mistaken for Tom McCall Waterfront Park today except SW Harbor Drive was still in place along the riverfront in this 1970 photo. Before the park was built this was just a grassy piece of land between Harbor Drive and Front Street on the left.

A2000-006.196 SW Front north from south of Morrison Bridge 1970(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SW Front Ave & Harbor Drive, 1970

  1. and there is the mast from the Oregon!! I always wondered why they built roads right next to rivers when they could build them away, before harbor blvd there were buildings, I beleive. But then again it is kinda cool on the I-5 to banfeild ramp when you know you are out over the river.

  2. the”rose city” freeway through ne portland,i believe going easterly somewhere along an alignment near fremont. its been a long time,perhaps someone else’s memory is clearer?

  3. No, that stub was an on-ramp from the Steel Bridge eastbound onto I-84. I used it a lot when I lived in NW Portland.

  4. My mom used to buy my brother’s “husky” jeans from that Sears store! Can you say husky now?

  5. Back when they got rid of Harbor drive, we were all very happy because the I-5 freeway was a much better and faster commute or trip to grandmas house.

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