SE Stark & 82nd, 1934

SE Stark Street seemed aptly named in this 1934 photo. Starkly populated, at least by today’s standards, very little traffic, or much of anything else, impedes this view to the west as Stark climbs over the north edge of Mt. Tabor in the distance.

A2009-009.3208 SE Stark near 82nd 1934(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “SE Stark & 82nd, 1934

  1. Westbound traffic on Stark these days jogs to the northwest and onto Thorburn Street over the shoulder of Mt. Tabor. Did it originally travel due West over the hill as it looks like it did in this photo? There’s a gravel road there now, which I assumed was a utility easement, but maybe it was the original alignment of the road. It would be a pretty steep grade for a car to navigate, even today.

  2. Just guessing here but I believe this view is from closer to SE 90th than 82nd. Where for instance is the Montevilla business district already well developed by 1934. The camera has foreshortened the view of the street as it passes over the shoulder of Mt. Tabor but consider how much of Mt. Tabor is in view here and how far to the east we need to gain this perspective unobstructed by the 1934 business district. SE 90th-92nd seems more likely and I think the business on the left here is either Johnson Ford Specialty or a precursor. Again just a guess.

  3. @rod taylor, looking at the google map it seems this is at 90th. And the traffic pattern looks to verify that also. And the number of telephone poles too.

  4. I agree. When I first looked, I thought where are all the Montavilla commercial buildings? It’s obvious they are several blocks west of this photograph. I concluded, before reading the comments, that this was taken at least at about 88th-eastward.

  5. I wonder when the alignment changed that diverted traffic onto Thorburn past 75th ave began. I looks as though there are some trees blocking the former streetcar right-of-way that went over the hill on Stark. Also it appears that Stark in this area is two-way traffic. I also agree with the consensus that we are between about 87th-91st facing west in this picture.

    State Highway Commission Meets November 15th.
    $700,000 COST ESTIMATE
    All Proposals Under National Recovery Program and Financed With Federal Funds.”

    “Construction of approximately 5000 lineal feet of concrete curbs and 14,00 square yards of seven-inch Portland cement concrete pavement on Eighty-second-east city limits section of Base Line highway (East Stark street) in Multnomah county. “
    Oregonian, 11/5/1933, page 37

    “Jacobsen Jensen with a bid of $34,330 won the contract to pave and curb Base Line highway east of Portland from Eighty-second avenue to the east city limits.” 11/16/1933, page 4

  7. S. E. Stark St. has never traveled over Mt. Tabor. Stark heads west to about 73rd, then heads NW as Thorburn. The space in the trees is for utility poles & wires.

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