Sellwood Carbarn, 1913

Workers at the Portland Railway, Light and Power Sellwood Division carbarn pose in front of the Oregon City and Estacada trolley cars. The Sellwood carbarn was at SE 13th Avenue just south of Linn Street. Thanks to Gary Kyle for sending this photo from his personal collection; the man standing at far right, 2nd row (in white shirt, brimmed hat and overalls) was his grandfather.

sellwood carbarn 1913(Gary Kyle)

12 thoughts on “Sellwood Carbarn, 1913

  1. Middle of the front row looks to be a portable clothes wringer-perhaps for towels used to clean trolley windows?

  2. The facial expressions are priceless! Would the Estacada car have traveled on the Springwater Corridor line? I think so. Thank you Gary for sharing.

  3. Thank you Gary. The reflections in the windows are very interesting indeed. I see what looks like a telephone pole in one and hanging on to it a “ghost” that looks like a man in a white robe. lol You can tell who loves having pictures taken and who hates it. Or who loves their job. Or who had a nip out of the bottle under the control panel and who is waiting for one and who knows its there but hasn’t been offered……

  4. I can imagine a thought bubble over the head of the gent with the anomalous bow tie and clean white shirt:

    “They told me it we was to dress up for picture day just like the kiddies do for school. Suuure we was. The wife is gonna murder me if I get my Sunday shirt all grunged up. Jerks.”

  5. In Joan’s words, the picture is priceless. You feel as if you might have known these men. My granddad was an engineer on the Pennsylvania RR between 1898 & 1950 ( to be correct, engineer only from 1910 until 1950). I wish I had one such photo of him.

  6. Thanks both Gary for sharing this from his personal collection, and Dan for posting this.

    I know the carbarn is long gone, but I think the “Powerhouse” building is still there. Last I saw (2009, I think). it had been converted into office space.

  7. Woops…, Google maps corrected me, I’m thinking of the “administration” building, on SE 11th near the tracks.

  8. The man standing between the trolleys in the second row (in the dark shirt, behind the clothes wringer) is Albert Hildenbrand, my great grandfather. He married Alice Mabel Kyle, daughter of Charles Marion Kyle – any relation Gary, what was your grandfathers name? My great great great grandfather Samuel M. Kyle, arrived here from Smokersville, PA in 1852 and ran a cedar mill. I was absolutely stunned to see a century old picture of my ancestor on the internet, thanks Gary!

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