US Veteran’s Hospital, 1935

This 1935 image shows the old US Veteran’s Hospital up on Marquam Hill. A couple of old brick buildings still exist up there; the one on the far left here might be one of them. An aerial view of the hospital can be seen here.

A2004-002.71 US Veterans Hospital 1935(City of Portland Archives)

Ross Island Bridge Aerial, 1950

Another fantastic top-down image, this time of the area south of downtown around the Ross Island Bridge. The west side waterfront was highly industrialized in 1950, and the I-5 freeway had not come through this area yet. Lots of great detail in this photo, from the Brooklyn neighborhood to Pill Hill.

A2004-002.6938 Aerial of Willamette River and Ross Island, 219VV 1950(City of Portland Archives)

5821 SE Knapp, 1950

These duplex apartment buildings at 5821 SE Knapp are likely old Guild’s Lake Court wartime housing units that survived post-war demolition and were moved to this address. Compare them with this photo and this photo of Guild’s Lake Court. The buildings are still there, by the way.

A2001-025.114 Buildings at 5821 SE Knapp 1950(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th Avenue & Washington, 1949

SW 5th Avenue was very busy place where it crossed Washington Street in this 1949 photo. Pedestrians, autos, buses and streetcars all vie for space. Other than the wooden “no left turn” sign in the middle of the intersection, there don’t appear to be any traffic controls. Both streets were two-way at the time, further complicating things.

A2005-001.900  SW 5th Ave and Washington St looking south on 5th Ave 1949(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1907

We’ve seen this Portland Heights illustration before but this version is without the folds shown in the previous one. It also presents it in context of the full-page D.E. Keasey & Co. real estate ad in 1907. $550 gave you your choice of 50 lots at the time.

de keasey real estate 1907(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Pre-Stadium Freeway Aerial, 1964

A fantastic view of Southwest and Northwest Portland showing the route of the future Stadium Freeway. A block-wide swath between SW 13th and 14th would be leveled and excavated, and another swath between 15th and 16th in Northwest Portland would eventually fall on the path to the future Fremont Bridge.

A2005-001.616  Stadium Freeway future northbound route looking northwest 1964(City of Portland Archives)