US Veteran’s Hospital, 1935

This 1935 image shows the old US Veteran’s Hospital up on Marquam Hill. A couple of old brick buildings still exist up there; the one on the far left here might be one of them. An aerial view of the hospital can be seen here.

A2004-002.71 US Veterans Hospital 1935(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “US Veteran’s Hospital, 1935

  1. I did not realize how much it had changed up on the hill in the last 35 years since I was up there. I could have sworn there were another one or two of those buildings still there. I googled it and found that the only one might be the one you pointed to but it is unclear. When were these buildings torn down? This is the way I remembered it but with add ons that were modern

  2. My mom worked up here when I was just starting grade school. She worked in the TB ward. And she loved her job! She would take my sister and I up there when they had the “Wheel Chair Parade” and it was the greatest time ever. So many veterans with horrible injuries. But they would smile and wave, pop wheelies in their chairs, or hop real funny like with their crutches just to make all the kids laugh. Mom and dad were both Army and met in WWII in Antwerp, Belguim. So I know it was mom’s greatest joy to help these young men! Great memories!

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