5821 SE Knapp, 1950

These duplex apartment buildings at 5821 SE Knapp are likely old Guild’s Lake Court wartime housing units that survived post-war demolition and were moved to this address. Compare them with this photo and this photo of Guild’s Lake Court. The buildings are still there, by the way.

A2001-025.114 Buildings at 5821 SE Knapp 1950(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “5821 SE Knapp, 1950

  1. I think you are correct. I’m trying to figure out if the war housing units at 18th and NW Irving than will be demolished soon are also Guild’s Lake Court units-I have documentation that some of the farm worker housing on Sauvie Island is from the GLC development. Great find!

  2. The back porch, upper crawl space vents, and clapboard / shingle combination on the end of the Knapp house look exactly like the originals. The Knapp house has a more developed front porch, but fewer side windows than the example houses.

  3. If they are, they changed the porch overhang quite significantly. And, Portland Maps says the buildings at that address were built in 1942, which would mean these were moved mid-war. Could that be? This is also an extremely popular design for small apartments in that era. Similarities could be coincidental.

  4. So amazing, I find this picture. I used to live in that duplex in the 70’s. Very small 2 bedroom. Of course the road was paved then. $62.50 monthly rent. My how times have changed. But the place is the same.

  5. When they dismantled the neighborhoods at Guilds Lake, was there any rhyme or reason for the various locations chosen for these units or were they just placed around town where ever space was available at the time? Did people buy them and move them to a piece of vacant property they may have already owned? (If I bought one, could I get a second one for half price?!) Regardless, I can just imagine the line of trucks, each holding a unit, ready to go…and remember…this was sixty-some-odd years ago! It would be interesting to know how many still exist today!

  6. The pictures of Guilds Lake, looks like there are more than two units together. This is two duplexes. Unless they cut these apart.

  7. As a small child I lived at Guilds Lake. I seem to recall seeing ads in the Oregonian a few years later offering the units for sale at a very low price. I pointed these out to my father. He felt the construction of the units was so poor they couldn’t be worth much.

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