Spalding Building, 1910

Near-completion of the Spalding Building at SW 3rd and Washington is a reason to highlight Portland real estate in The Oregonian in 1910. The illustration of the “heart of the New Portland” gives a terrific snapshot of the makeup of downtown at that time.

spalding real estate 19100403(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Spalding Building, 1910

  1. Probably one of the best Oregonian front pages ever! As for the Spalding Bldg., this may very well be the only Portland building attributed to architect Cass Gilbert, who designed the famous Woolworth bldg. in New York City soon after he worked on the Spalding.

  2. ‘Heart of the New Portland’ was an accurate description, as the core of downtown was moving away from the waterfront to the south and to the west at the time. The Spalding Building was one of the cities’ new skyscrapers bringing Portland into the cosmopolitan era. A lot of great detail in the illustration as well!

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