SW 18th, Morrison & Burnside, 1945

We’ve seen this area several times before but never from this unique aerial perspective. We’re looking north on SW 18th Avenue with SW Morrison at the bottom and W Burnside at the top. It’s interesting to see the mid-lane parking on SW 18th; cars are parked facing both directions.

A2005-001.158 W Burnside 18th 19th Morrison 1943(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “SW 18th, Morrison & Burnside, 1945

  1. Midlane parking on the center strip? Yeah, that looks like a good idea.

    I wonder how many times the city was sued by people struck by streetcars or autos while trying to reach their cars?

  2. @Jim since I can see where the rails go, I’m guessing streetcars were not an immediate issue. 😉 Those southbound lanes on 18th are now a grassy strip so the parked cars would be at the curb. And 18th going north now cuts through the block on the top right to meet up with NW 18th. Probably one of the most convoluted exchanges in downtown due to how the angled grid meets the straight grid.

  3. Did anyone notice the trolley in the picture?

    The two buildings on the right side are still standing, but what are those triangles on the roof of the building closest to the corner? You can see in Stree View they’re still there.

    In the top right corner there’s a white rectangle that looks like someone put a piece of tape on the picture. What is that and what is it covering? It looks like there’s some sort of silo next to it.

  4. The “tape” looks like the roof line of a gas station island. Notice the car next to it? :+) Great pic!

  5. @Dave, looks like the triangle shapes are extra support for the large flat roof. They would be sitting atop support beams. I found a small snippet of info but no real explanation on a lengthy roofing page.

    This has always been one of my favorite intersections because of how unique it is. I was not aware that there were so many car places there before. It really explains the few that are left now.

  6. Not only was SW 18th two way, but SW Alder (first street south of Burnside) looks like it was also two way.

  7. Can someone explain the “double crossed” telephone mid-picture? It has light-colored crossarms in the normal direction, and dark crossarms parallel to the curb! The dark arms can’t be shadows, they overlap the light arms below, and vice-versa.

    Fascinating photo.

  8. @Mike, the difference in color on those telephone line arms just looks like light and shadow to me. It matches with the direction of the sun and the other shadows in the photo.

  9. That does not look like a mid-lane parking strip. It looks those cars are parked there ilegally. maybe for something at the Stadium.

  10. I worked at a restaurant in the Hollywood district 1964-65 and after getting off at 9 PM most summer nights would usually find an open parking spot on Morrison or Burnside and grab the last two or three innings at the stadium for free on the way up to my room at 22nd and Burnside. As I recall the ticket sellers and ticket takers went off duty in the 6th inning or so. At the time I think the Portland team was part of the Cleveland Indians farm club system.

  11. @Dave, I suspect the triangle shapes on that roof are sky light windows that had been tarred over and to this day are still tarred and painted except today the roof is painted a whitish color. They probably figured early on that sky lights on roofs in Portland are a bad idea. The black rectangle on top of that same building is about 7 or so feet high and has a door on the North side for roof access.

    The oak tree in the Fireman’s memorial park (triangle shape park in the middle of the photo) had a big limb fall off and crush a car a few years ago. The huge Oak was cut down and removed shortly after that incident (2011?).

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