Rose City Golf Clubhouse, 1945

Seen here in 1945, the 1932 clubhouse at the Rose City Golf Course features beautiful brickwork and high pitched roof lines. It’s still a fine looking building and can be seen at NE Tillamook & 72nd Drive.

A2001-045.685 Rose City Golf Course Clubhouse 1945(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “Rose City Golf Clubhouse, 1945

  1. My grandfather told me during the depression, if you paid a $100.00 you could golf for life, on the Portland courses.

    I have never come across that anywhere sense.

  2. The lifetime passes were issued in 1936 and 1937. Payments were $10 per month for 10 months. All available passes were sold.

    I used to play there, but well after this period.

  3. The greens keepers here in the late forties tolerated the neighborhood kids using the putting green and the 12 and under fee for 9 holes was a very affordable .25 cents.This was a great place to pass a summer morning and on snowy days the back nine provided us with a great slope for sledding and the coarse was covered with cross country skiers on those occasions. The back nine featured a water hazard (pond) in which someone had planted some bullhead catfish probably hoping to discourage boys from wading the pond to salvage lost golf balls. That same back nine was heavily wooded and provided another recreational prospect for the local idle youth at all seasons to exhaust their excess energies. A lot of kids learned to enjoy the frustrations of golf playing with hand me down wooden staffed mashie niblicks and brassies around the time of this fine exposure.

    At the west end of the coarse it was abutted by a small municipal park where the boys from Glenhaven would test their athletic skills against the boys from Rose City and Gregory Heights in semi organized seasonal contests. At the east end the coarse was bounded by a swamp created by the run off from the concrete batch plant belonging to the gravel quarry that straddled 82nd ave at that point. Long before the High School was built.

    The local population of youth had been heavily reinforced by the building and subsequent occupation of the Binford and Middleton Apartment complexes at the end of the World War and the denial of use of the Glenhaven School grounds due to reconstruction made the golf coarse a handy playground and the long suffering and tolerant greens keepers deserve some recognition and thanks.

    By the fifties NE 72nd winding thru the middle of the golf coarse provided the local miscreants with a sports car track on which to test their driving skills but that’s another story

  4. Thank you Rod. I see that some of the trees in the foreground of this picture have grown big. It is a nice thing.

  5. In the late 60’s we had student cards for anyone under 18 and played for about 80 cents instead of around 3.50 cents, if my memory serves me

  6. I liked the free driving range near the club house, as a kid we used it all the time and later I took my kids there often, to hit balls and then we had to pick up the ones, we could find.

  7. Friend of mine was an assistant pro there in the early 90’s. One or two of the guys who bought those passes still came in and presented them to the clerk for free golf.

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