Guild’s Lake Courts Housing, 1946

The northern-most section of the Guild’s Lake Courts wartime housing area is shown in this 1946 aerial photo looking southeast. This was the West Sector of Division 35091 and, along with the East Sector (hidden behind the hill slope to the right), contained 718 housing units. Swan Island and the shipyards can be seen across the river.

A2001-025.217 Northern section Guilds Lake housing project 1946(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “Guild’s Lake Courts Housing, 1946

  1. Assuming the workers lived here and worked at the shipyard, a ferry should would be convenient… but I’ve never heard of one existing.

    I wonder if Mocks Bottom was still unsuitable for building at this time due to being unfilled swampland?

  2. I may be incorrect, but IMO wouldn’t this photo location be facing more of a N-NE direction as opposed to SE?

  3. I beleive this photo was taken from Salzman Rd. (a fun drive from younger days) So I went up in on google and found only one spot that is not blocked by trees and it was not fully clear. I am always fascinated with the justifications for filling in lakes and swamps and covering creeks that our ancestors used. It is such a shame that these waterways could not be preserved.

  4. Bailey and Ted – I believe there was a ferry to Swan Island during the war years. In aerial photos from the late 1940s and early 1950s, you can find a ferry dock (tell-tale set of shoreline pilings shaped in a “V”) on the river side of the island, near the low, multi-bay building to the right of the shipways in this photo. I don’t know where the west side landing would have been.

  5. I posted this photo on Dead Memories Portland a few weeks ago and Identified it as Guilds Lake Court but it actually isn’t. Can’t remember what it was called though.

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