SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

The Mt. Tabor streetcar line tracks snake through the intersection of SE Belmont at 55th Avenue. The Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church is to our immediate left as we look east down Belmont, with the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Public Station dead ahead.

A2009-009.37   Belmont St and SE 55th Ave 1914(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

  1. It’s a shame the architectural details along the top of the PT&T building have been covered up with whatever that is I saw on it at Google Maps just now. Does it cover modernizations for the comfort of today’s occupants?

  2. Poor rosé bush struggling up that fine telephone pole. Some beautiful houses along Belmont.

  3. Careful examination of the PT&T building shows that the lovely decorative cornice at the top was not only “covered up”, but must have been removed entirely. Probably because of new seismic safety regulations. Some of those big houses in the left of the picture still remain, but sadly a lot of them were replaced by apartments.

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