SW 5th & Taylor, 1917

It’s been many years since a parking garage was built with ornate columns, and we’re unlikely to see it ever happen again. This garage was built on the southeast corner of SW 5th & Taylor in 1917, replacing the Frazier-McLean Livery Stable, bottom image. The Multnomah County Courthouse can be seen in the right distance of both illustrations. The Standard Insurance Center is now on that block.



(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

8 thoughts on “SW 5th & Taylor, 1917

  1. Perhaps the columns were there to mimic and compliment the courthouse. They have many features in common.

  2. …and 100 years later our mayor is trying to get rid of horses in Portland altogether by pushing out the stables near the waterfront in order to make money off the property (grrr)…I wonder if that was why the livery stables were replaced with a parking lot back then??

  3. A lot size of 100 x 100 sounds way too small in 2013 for much more than one of those Dunkin Donuts/Subway/Baskin Robbins combo stores.

  4. If you like old parking garages (and, who doesn’t) there is an old parking garage right across the street from this one on 5th and Salmon that is still there today. I believe it serves the Public Service Building. While not nearly as ornate, is still has some decorative features that you would not see on any new parking facility. Here is a look at it from 1949:
    It looks pretty much the same today as it did then.

  5. @Ninja – have you ever been inside that parking lot? It’s a miracle that cars manage to get out as often as they do without hitting the pillars on every floor. And you have to move out of the way for cars going up the ramp. Definitely a garage built for another era. I would venture to say that it is scarier than the Powell’s parking garage.

  6. I’ve never parked in there. My office looks down on top of it though, and one day we saw a car that had backed over the ledge in the center of the top floor and landed on another car below it.
    It’s quite a contrast from the parking garage in the bottom of the Hilton executive tower only a block north. You hardly even notice that one because it looks so much like the rest of the building.

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