SW 6th & Alder, 1939

It was a wet, dreary day in 1939 the day this photo was taken looking north on 6th Avenue at Alder. The sidewalks seem unusually crowded; lunchtime maybe? That’s the old Oregonian Building on the far left.

A2005-001.923 SW 6th and Alder north 1939(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SW 6th & Alder, 1939

  1. I’m wondering if that style umbrella is less likely to blow inside out. I’m guessing it must protect folks from the rain, since there are so many of them in the photo. That, or the umbrella salesperson is very persuasive! I love being able to practically “walk” the sidewalk in photos like this one. Thanks!

  2. There are many cities today, where you see even MEN carry umbrellas in the rain. Only Oregon – they’re DUCKS and don’t care about a little rain.

  3. It seems slightly more crowded on the right side of the street – are they going in (or getting out) from a movie? There does seem to be another crowd at the front of Welands, so lunch seems reasonable…

  4. On the northeast corner of the next intersection (SW Washington) I see a round object about 10-12 feet above the curb. Looks the kind of clock one might expect to see in front of a jewelers – like the clock in front of Kassab’s on SW Broadway http://goo.gl/maps/FPTpd.

    If it is a clock, I see only one long hand, pointed straight up, which would obscure the shorter hour hand.

    I’m with the lunch crowd.

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