NE Sandy & 72nd, 1940

Fairley’s Pharmacy is still on NE Sandy Blvd. at 72nd Avenue more than 70 years after this 1940 photo. Soda fountains were once a staple of American drug stores, and Fairley’s still advertises one on their sign. Is it still in fact there? This photo looks west on Sandy.

A2005-001.573 NE Sandy at 72nd west 1940(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. I haven’t been in Fairley’s in a few years, but the soda fountain was still there then. I hope like all get out that it is still there today.

  2. The Safeway is across the street now of course, on the location of a former Fred Meyer store. I’m not sure, but I think that would be the only Fred Meyer location that completely closed, not moved. (Like Hollywood).
    Fairleys is still using the same neon sign, quite unusual these days!
    I was surprised to see the XL Donut shop. There was an XL Donuts on 82nd just south of Foster when I was a kid. I didn’t realize they had other locations. I always liked the name of the shop for some reason.

  3. The Fred Meyer on NE MLK & Killingsworth closed, and did not move anywhere else in the neighborhood.

  4. Fairley’s is still there, same sign too. And of course Safeway moved across the street. The store across from Fairley’s is a bike shop. I live down the street, and drive by Fairley’s almost daily.

  5. Man Oh Man those XL Donuts. They had several locations around town and I can’t begin to describe the pure sensory overload obtained by walking into one of those shops when the donut machine was running. Those unadorned beauties were pure heaven. Nothin’ like em out there now. Crispy Creame partisans will object as will the Voodoo fans but there is no way to compare with those golden cake donuts of yore. No frosting,no jelly, no bacon no secret sauce, just pure cake fried to perfection. YUM

  6. It’s sad to see so many of those fir trees have been taken down. All of the way down Sandy, it looks like.

  7. Rose city Fred’s had to build their parking lot / store around a house belonging to some folks who wouldn’t sell when they originally built it.

  8. The story I heard was the people in the house held out for a higher price and when they thought they had come near to the price they wanted, Fred Meyers said it was too late, they they already had plans made up to go around the house. And they did.

    Didn’t the Fred Meyers on 122nd and Stark move to the big new Freds on Division around 148th?

  9. There was a Fred Meyers at Division and 122nd. (Where the now closed Albertsons is.) There was another Fred Meyers in Montavilla. (At about 80th and Stark?)

  10. Dave Johnson:
    I think I remember that Fred Meyer’s. Where was it and what happened to it?

    John S.:
    Yes, my mother said when she was a little girl she and her mother would go to the Fred Meyer that is now Lewis Rents on 80th and Stark/Washington. She said it was tiny and dark and dingy and dirty and she didn’t like it.

  11. Fascinating. Yes, the “Drug Fountain” sign is now gone, but it seems as though they did keep the pole from the old streetlight on the corner there. Also, are those the footprints of the old white street signals still in the middle of the street?

  12. John S. Says:
    There was a Fred Meyers at Division and 122nd.

    yes, it moved to Division and around 148th to build a bigger store

  13. As unofficial historian for the Roseway Neighborhood, I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Kennedy in 2000. Don was a pharmacist at Fairley’s in 1946 and then purchased it in 1952.

    Fairley’s was opened in 1913 by the Bader Bros., then surrounded by dirt roads. In 1918, it was sold to Herb and Bess Fairley who lived upstairs over the business. Fairley’s sold the business to John Bates and it was John who hired the young Don Kennedy.

    Later, Don hired Mark Hyman, who worked at the pharmacy after high school and later became Don’s partner. When Don retired, Mark became full time owner in 1990.

    Fairley’s is still my pharmacy as I have lived in Roseway for over 50 years. It’s so fun to still see the old soda fountain with the same counter and stools as was there when I stopped in for a coke on my way home from Gregory Heights grade school in the early 50’s.

  14. The Division and 148th Fred Meyer store replaced the 122nd and Division Fred Meyer store. The Fred Meyer on 122nd and Stark closed long before that.

  15. I’m curious to if there’s a vantage point looking north on 72nd. I wonder if that parkway down the center of the road had always been there.

  16. I’m pretty sure the parkway was always there, my mom lived a block or so off the parkway.

  17. In certain sections of the old Hollywood Fred Meyers if you let go of your cart it would take off rolling because the floor wasn’t level.

  18. The parkway on 72nd between Sandy Blvd. and Prescott has been there since at least 1943, but only became a “park” in 1947 with the planting of Hawthorn and Flowering Plum trees. It’s care is still under the park bureau, but the Roseway Neighborhood Assn. has been supplementing the grass cutting for the last couple of years due to park bureau cutbacks. I have a photo of it in 1947, but don’t know how to post it for all to see.

  19. As you can see in this 1940 photo, Safeway was where Daddy’s Board Shop was (until their recent move; it’s now vacant), and by 1947, Fred Meyer had that location. Then Fred Meyer built a new store on 70th and Sandy, with roof parking in 1948, which was torn down in 1992 when Safeway built their new store.

  20. According to Cafe Unknown, all Portland trolley buses were out of service by 1958. However, I do remember riding them on Sandy Blvd. between 1947 and 1955.

  21. From about 1957 to 1970, Grant Bros. Furniture occupied the Safeway building shown in the picture.

  22. The Nazarene church between 70th and 71st was a Safeway store. It closed in ’69 or ’70. I don’t know when it was built.

  23. Ahem… actually, the 122nd and Stark Freddy’s, an ex-Valu-Mart store and the only one in the Portland area without a food department since before World War II, was closed in May 1989. People living in the Gateway area longing to buy home improvement products (at Fred Meyer prices), until late 1987 (when Freddy’s opened an all-new store near the Tri-Met bus/MAX station there), had to go here.

  24. There is a place called Annie’s Donuts in front of what was then the Safeway store. My late second wife was in a car crash at this intersection back in the late ’70s, She was hit broadside by a car that ran the stop at 72nd, and ended up inside the donut counter at Annie’s. She told me this story back in the late ’90s, and we would laugh every time we drove by there. I went in there about 5 years ago and asked if they knew the story. No one that was there did, but there is still cracked glass in the donut case, and the window she went through doesn’t match the rest. They laughed and gave me a free donut!

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