SE 82nd & Powell, 1937

Yesterday’s discussion raised the possibility that the Anderson’s Food Market building still stands. This photo, taken on the same day (if the Meadow-Land delivery truck is any indication) shows the same intersection looking west. Anderson’s is definitely on the northwest corner, roughly where the KFC/A&W sits today.

A2005-001.513  SE Powell Blvd and 82nd Ave looking west 1937(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Note the dirt street on S.E. Powell . The Texaco was in the County and not within the City Limits . The dividing line between the two political units was the middle of 82nd . When calling to report a traffic accident on 82nd the first question was always ” which direction were you traveling ?” If south call the City ; if North call the County Sheriff’s Office . If on the center stripe call both ! Further South on 82nd places such as ” Flanagan’s Drive-In Restaurant ” & the old ” 82nd Street Drive-In theater ” caused lots of calls to both City & County with left turners, etc.

  2. If I remember correctly, Anderson’s was later (circa 1948) to become Luther’s Stop and Shop Market. We drove past it every weekend when we came out Powell Blvd. from SW Portland on our way to Blue Lake. We stopped at this corner and turned north to later continue our trip out Sandy Blvd. What we didn’t buy at Luther’s we’d get at Fred Schwary’s Market on Sandy. We made this trip through the forties and until the early sixties.

  3. wow. if this is not the same building, it’s as if they designed this one to be very similar…
    The door on the back, even the stovepipe on the roof, you can kind of see where those windows were filled in. Also, the chimney on the current building looks to be very old.

  4. Another picture of the Texaco station looking West. From the picture style could have been taken the same day. Car parked in front of the Texaco appears to be the same as in picture above.

  5. adam, it’s definitely not the same building. Wrong street for one — that one is a block south on the corner of SE Rhine and 82nd, and the one in the photo is on the corner of Powell. Beyond that the one in the photo is a full two stories tall (look how it towers over the truck parked in front and how high the window is above the back door) while the one on Rhine is not two stories.

  6. Rolf, thanks for the link. One little correction: the view you linked to is looking north, not west. Today’s photo looks west. 🙂 And yes, with yesterday’s post looking south, I’d say all three are taken the same day — I wonder if we can get the view to the east to complete the view of the intersection.

  7. Interesting to see the old-style stop sign. Not only is it the original yellow, but it’s mounted about 3 ft above the ground as I’ve read was the norm in the early days of traffic signs (at least outside of cities).

  8. Nice… I also love the old white direction arrows at the intersection. I used to see them still all of the time around the 1990’s, in the areas of 82nd and Foster, 82nd & Flavel… but think that they’ve been replaced by the newer and larger green signs (the Mt. Scott cemeteries get the brown ones).

  9. Might you have pics of the south east corner. My family owned the BBQ place on the corner of 82nd and Powell, Flanagan’s.

  10. The photos were taken on the same day….notice the two tires leaning up against the wall of the service station? In the second photo you can catch just a glimpse of the tires at the lower right of the photo. ;+}

  11. These photos were definatly taken the same day.Take notice of the two women standing on the NW corner of the intersection in todays photo. They appear to be the same two women caught crossing the street in the photo view looking north on 82nd that Rolf links us to.

  12. I’m pretty sure the last building you can see on the left, with the man standing in front of it, is still there. It’s now a locksmith shop.

    Portland maps says it was built in ’35. Address is 8115 SE Powell.

    Long link, sorry

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