South Portland Aerial, 1938

This 1938 aerial photo covers much of the heart of the old South Portland neighborhood. Except for some of the area below the inked-in double line, virtually everything here was flattened for the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project, the Stadium Freeway (I-405) or the PSU campus. One could almost match up this photo with last Friday’s image just a bit south of here.

A2010-001.101 Aerial of close-in SW Portland 1938

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “South Portland Aerial, 1938

  1. Coolidge square front and center with the cars driving through it. Site of a former reservoir. Piggots castle there on the right.

  2. Think about what a great neighborhood that would be today if it hadn’t been flattened. Full of restored Victorian homes and small restaurants and wine bars, close to downtown. Sigh.

  3. Here and there some of those houses are still there. A few houses across from the Broadway building at PSU ( south of the building) and a house near the Texaco station on 4th are still there. Oregonian did a story on those houses not long ago.

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