SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

The Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church was just a few years old when this circa 1914 photo was taken looking west on SE Belmont at 55th. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Public Station, on the left, was new. Both buildings are still there but they’re much harder to see from a distance with the dense foliage in the neighborhood today.

A2009-009.48   Belmont St at 55th Ave looking west 1913(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

  1. When my little Mama was in the rehab facility a few blocks east of here in 2008, I think it was, I rode the 15 back and forth to visit her. I well remember being fascinated by both of these buildings. Neat to see them this well–I agree about the dense foliage. However, I do love the trees of Portland.

  2. Belmont looks like it was engineered to have asleep-at-the-wheel drivers hit the church wall. That may have happened at least once on 100 years.

  3. “Watch where you’re stepping man, that ain’t second base.”

    From Down the Road Apiece . 1940 Will Bradley with Ray McKinley

  4. My favorite part of this line is on the other side of 60th where the right of way was not open to cars until years and years later. Especially the cut at around 67th.

  5. Just 5 blocks from Seaton’s Pharmacy, which closed down a decade ago. Mid-90s I used to go there to pay my utility bills and have a burger + shake; they mention other patrons doing the same, and also cars crashing through the front door occasionally, which I find surprising – it wasn’t exactly directly in the line of fire, like Mt Tabor Pres is, as suggested above.

    Foliage-wise these buildings are no problem, too. Well, the PTT CPS is sheathed in ivy now but that’s not obscuration, any more than a thick coat of paint is. Neither building is in a jungle of hedges and trees like all those houses in NW.

  6. looking at Brian Caughey’s Google street view link, You can kind of see where they repaved over the old tracks. Go backwards and forwards a little bit and you can see what appears to be the pavement cracking where the metal tracks are (were). There is also some more recent sewer work, etc., But i love seeing these fingerprints of history.

  7. Yep, we can see the “onion” dome of the Edgar Oscar Doud home on the extreme right of the photo. The building of that Presbyterian Church still stands, though the home to the left of the church is long gone.

  8. As a child, I grew up in the home my great grandfather built on SE 52nd between Stark and Burnside, which was easy (although uphill) walking distance to Mt. Tabor Presbyterian which I attended when Dr. John Beard was the pastor. I’m now 81 and love seeing the old photographs of the “real” Portland! I went to Glencoe School kinder-garten through 8th grade and walked past the Portland Nursery every day, although it was obscured by tall, dense shrubbery–possibly arborvitae–and had no idea what was behind it. Great, happy memories. Thanks for posting the photographs.

  9. I had my first kiss in that bell tower… Also, that house has been replaced with the addition to the church many moons ago.

    I lived on the corner of 53rd and Multnomah—this was our church

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