Unidentified Houses, c1960 – Help Us Out!

These houses may be impossible to identify. Shown here circa 1960, it would be hard to imagine they still exist. Though very small in size, the houses in the foreground were permanent; the ones in the background appear to have been moved from (or are ready to move to) somewhere else. As always, happy hunting!

1960 c_(City of Portland Archives)

22 thoughts on “Unidentified Houses, c1960 – Help Us Out!

  1. My first guess is, somewhere around the Portland Airport because of the hills in the background and as PDX expanded there were lots of houses big and small around the airport.

  2. Long shot but Wood Village? Outside of Portland I know but there were houses built like this out there for Reynolds Aluminum workers during World war two

  3. Maybe this is out by Gresham? There are groves of nut or fruit trees in the background and various heights of hills beyond.

  4. Is that asbestos siding, rod wonders. Those newer buildings appear to be prefabs of the kind manufactured by Western Homes on the site of the former cooperage between the St johns and the Railroad bridges in North Portland.

  5. It looks like asphalt siding, It seems to have bends it it. But I’m sure it had asbestos in it too.

  6. No help on the location, but are there two small children and a wagon by the fence just to the right of the mailboxes?

  7. I’m with NativePDX and cw doucette–I would guess Vanport. The distant hills could be the Tualatin Mtns (Forest Park), although the light from the right side (north) would then need to be early morning summer sunlight.

  8. I’m going for Gresham/deep Powell Blvd/Hwy 26…Vanport doesn’t work because of the orchards and the styles of home are too random. They’re pretty run down for 1960. Powell Butte area maybe?

  9. I think NE Gertz Circle or somewhere nearby could be a possibility, because it looks like a dike behind the trees before what may be the west hills

  10. Judging from the telephone wires this was pretty much the end of the neighborhood except for some houses out of the picture to the left.

  11. I don’t think it is flat enough to be the Gertz Rd. area, although the houses are like what you would have found there. The land definitely drops off in the direction of that orchard. That vague gray area between those trees doesn’t have to be a dike. It could be a barn. I don’t think there is enough information to identify it. I think it is somewhere on the edge of the then-suburbs– places like Troutdale, Aloha, Clackamas, Gresham, Progress, and Tualatin.

  12. This is just a very long shot, going off the modular looking units in the picture. They look to have just arrived there. Now, if one had a picture of a Bradford Island house…

    McGuire Dividing Big Tract Into One-Acre Plots”
    “The tract, lying in the district bounded by Gertz road, Faloma road and the Columbia Country club on the east, has been platted with 15 of the 17 houses moved from Bonneville are available in the development. “
    “The houses were moved here from Bradford island some time ago by Lebeck & Sons for Phipps and Donaca, owners of the development, by barge. “
    “The houses originally were constructed by the Columbia Construction company and contain from three to six rooms.”
    Sunday Oregonian, 07/03/1938, Page 11. Frank McQuire is a top agent in real estate sales.

  13. If that’s an orchard in the background, were the houses on the left brought in for migrant workers?

  14. Bill said April 8, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    “… houses on the left … for migrant workers?”

    I came to the same conclusion as Bill.

    As for location, my first thought was Parkrose or Argay or further east along the ridge.

  15. If it was older then the 1960’s I would say NE 102nd and Weidler. There are still older little houses on that corner. You can see them on Google Earth.

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