NW Industrial Aerial, 1960

There’s a lot of nice detail in this 1960 bird’s-eye view of Portland’s Northwest industrial area, including Swan Island. Although there’s been much growth in the past 50+ years, both areas look remarkably similar today.

A2004-002.6944 Aerial of NW Industrial Waterfront and Swan Island 10-11 1960(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “NW Industrial Aerial, 1960

  1. Does anyone know if thye old Swan Island Airport Terminal building wasd torn down right after the airport closed out there or was around for a while after the airport closed? There is a building on Swan Island in this photo that looks like the terminal building.

  2. Could you add the tag “railroad” to this image, inasmuch as the central part of the picture is mostly railroad yards? It would help railroad historians discover it.

  3. Interesting question Mike. It does look like that one “U” shaped building is in the right place and correct shape. Also several of the buildings just to the south of that one also look to match those in this photo. Particularly the other U-shaped building facing the other way (the one with the central “hanger” looking building with wings). 1960 seems awfully late for those to still be there –how certain is the date of this photo (I realize it says it on the photo but…)?

  4. According to PortlandMaps, the current buildings in that area were all built in 1965-1970, so I’d guess the airport buildings really were still there in 1960.

  5. I have a few pictures of the outside of the Swan Island Terminal Building but not many and no pictures of the interior. Anyone know where more pictures might be available of the outside and inside? It’s very cool looking art deco type of building.

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