N Larrabee & Broadway, 1937

At one time N. Larrabee turned into Interstate Avenue as you crossed Broadway heading north; Interstate is routed closer to the river now. You might drive here when leaving the Memorial Coliseum or Rose Garden but the surroundings have changed drastically; only the building under the Rose City/Beaver State sign remains.

A2005-001.80 N Broadway from Larrabee towards Interstate 1937(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “N Larrabee & Broadway, 1937

  1. Thats one of the numerous pedestrian underpasses there on the left. You could get to the streetcar stop by taking that tunnel to the center of the street.

  2. It looks like the empty store on the right was the “Bridge Transfer Market,” presumably named for the Bridge Transfer streetcar line, which ran along Larrabee.

  3. It looks they widened Broadway considerably from the looks of that picture Or maybe it is just a optical illusion because of the angle of the shot? I seem to recall a video online of the same intersection, and it looked the same width as it is now by and large?

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