SW Water Street, 1921

Associated with yesterday’s photo is this one, also labeled “SE” Water that’s actually SW Water Street. Just south of the area shown yesterday were several lumber and shingle mills. The photographer may have just turned 90 degrees to the right and made another image.

A2009-009.1825 SE Water near Hawthorne 1921 24k(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “SW Water Street, 1921

  1. That sure looks like the river in the background (upper left) and it doesn’t look like the east bank on the other side of the water

  2. I hope someone can explain Bob’s question. If that’s the river, what is that hill in the background?

  3. It is the river Bob, & the S.E. bank would look a lot different. IDK, are you saying it’s the west bank or…..??

  4. Sifton, That hill looks mighty close in to be Mt Tabor. I suppose the camera setting could have made it look closer.

  5. My house was built in 1921…Makes me wonder if the shingles came from one of these mills. I’d like to think so. Unfortunately, the replacements I put on came from Canada.

    I would agree that the hill is Mt. Tabor. Perspective can be deceiving in some of these old photos.

  6. Good morning Mr Davis. I’m wondering if you have access to old employment records of folks who worked at the Aero Club of Portland in 1964? If not maybe an avenue to to follow to try and find employment records? My name is Mark James. Thanks!!

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  7. I went back and forth, figuratively, across the river with yesterday’s photo and was pretty sure that there wasn’t a water street in St Johns and no Columbia near the Hawthorne Bridge. So I was sure that it was SW. Then today I think it looks like the west bank we are looking across to and the west hills at the left of the photo. But they wouldn’t be there so I agree. Both photos are of SW Water street.

  8. Yes, it’s Mt. Tabor, and also, look off to the right of the photo and you see the bluffs of Brooklyn that today are at the SE end of the E. side of the Ross Island Bridge. It all fits.

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