SW Water & Columbia, 1921

Although this photo is labeled as “SE” Water Avenue, a close examination of the stamped concrete on the corner shows this to be the intersection of Water and Columbia Street, which is on the west side. The vantage point today is roughly the center of the bowl in Waterfront Park at the foot of Columbia Street.

A2009-009.1826 SE Water near Hawthorne 1921 24k(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “SW Water & Columbia, 1921

  1. It’s at the Jefferson Street Station of the Oregon Electric Railway; the station buildings would be to the left. The building on the right would be the Southern Pacific “Red Electrics” station, as they were still running until 1929. The cars shown are OE. There’s a diagram of the stations in “The Southern Pacific in Oregon,” by Austin and Dill, on page 58.

  2. This photo was likley taken for the purpose of illustrating the rough track in the street by the city street dept. Another photo completing the panorama appears on page 15 of United Railways of Oregon by Harley K. Hallgren and John F. Due published 1961 by Pacific Railway Journal. That other photo is credited to Gary C. Allen

  3. This is very similar to a photograph I used in the book Willamette Valley Railways. It was of sister car, former United Railways combine No. 10, at the Oregon Electric freight depot. that photo was taken by street repair crews on November 17, 1934. UR passenger service had been abandoned 10 years before.

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