Thaddeus Fisher House, c1965

Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan are shown here handling decorative sheet metal in front of the Thaddeus Fisher house on SE 33rd Avenue just south of Belmont. Built in 1888-1892, the house is one of the finest examples of Queen Anne style in the area. Bosco and Milligan, founders of Portland’s Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center, used to own this house and worked to restore it. Thanks to VP fan Tiffany Conklin for forwarding this photo.

Ben and Jerry in Front of Fisher House 1960s(Tiffany Conklin)

16 thoughts on “Thaddeus Fisher House, c1965

  1. A couple of architectural angels on earth, right here in this photo. I for one, a Portlander only since 2006, am more thankful than words can express for these two men and their dedicated diligence to the preservation of so much of what made and, thankfully in some cases, still makes Portland Portland.

  2. What is that on the porch roof just left of the second floor support post? It looks like a face inside a box or something.

  3. I can’t believe I missed this little Victorian gem before now, and I’ve even been to the “Pied Cow” just around the corner on Belmont! In my defense it was toward evening, and the lush growth of the surrounding street trees hid this from view. Very happy to see such a lovely
    example of Queen Anne surviving to the present day. With the grandiose tower it seems a bit like a vest-pocket mansion.

  4. If the object is from St. Mary’s Academy, I think it should be circa 1970 as that is the year the old school was demolished. Here is an unusual 1908 view of St. Mary’s from Marylhurst University’s Flickr stream. Marylhurst branched off from the former St. Mary’s College.

  5. I think Jerry and Ben owned the Pied Cow house as well, and restored both the houses. Others may know better.

  6. That sure looks like the St Mary’s tower pieces! Great connection. Thanks portlandpreservation!

    Yes, Ben & Jerry owned Pied Cow too; they ran a salvaged architectural fixture shop out of it. Ben & Jerry lived upstairs, in the Thaddeus Fisher house, and according to a neighbor, they used the downstairs as their ‘storage’ area. If anyone has ANY information about (or old pictures of) the Thad Fisher house, Pied Cow, or the house that was the 3rd of the pair (torn down) please share here, or email me at! Thx!

  7. Thank you for the additional information Tiffany. I am fascinated by everything in this era in Portland’s development. I also found an extremely useful link to pictures of Queen Anne style houses of Portland and other Oregon cities. Good, and very informative article. 🙂

  8. Jerry Bosco was my art teacher at Franklin High School. I love so much what he and Jerry did for SE Portland; it was wonderful to see his glass work develop. This photo made my day–thank you!

  9. I wonder if the architectural piece that they are holding came off the old St. Mary High School cupola? That would date this photo in the early 70’s.

  10. I wish Jerry was still with us. As my teacher at Franklin High School he gave me inspiration in art and the preservation of old architecture. we had fun together in school and I will never forget him. RIP my good friend.

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