Fire Station 3, 1950

A 1949 Mack pumper truck sits in front of Fire Station 3, at 1425 NW Glisan, in this 1950 photo. It’s still a fine looking building retaining much of its 100 year old character. It now houses the restaurant Touché.

Station 3 Engine 3 (App 17 1949 Mack) 1950(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “Fire Station 3, 1950

  1. When I lived at NW 22nd and Everett, I rode by here sometimes on the 17 bus, after work if I planned to shop at Trader Joe’s. never knew it was a fire station in a former life until a lecture about Portland’s vintage fire stations at the Architectural Heritage Center.

  2. Wow. I went to the restaurant that was here back in 1986 for my prom. I had no idea it was a fire station at one time.

  3. @ Jeremie D. Harget: See this page for some info on that.

    “Old Station 2 located at 3rd and NW Glisan – This building (as well as many others on the tour) was designed by Battalion Chief Lee Holden. He would go on to design about 30 of Portland’s fire stations all across town.”

    Also, search Vintage Portland for “Fire Station” and you’ll find a few other photos of similar stations.

  4. @bailey Does anyone remember what restaurant this was in 1986? I remember going there but can’t recall what it was before Touché. Seems like it was a wine bar at some point. Great building.

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