SW 2nd & Washington, 1940

The intersection of SW 2nd & Washington, here looking south, seemed to be a crossroad of streetcar rails in 1940. The 1885 Portland Savings Bank building on the southwest corner would last another decade or so. Long-time Vintage Portland followers can probably guess what’s on that property today.

A2005-001.854 SW 2nd at Washington south 1940(City of Portland Archives)

13 thoughts on “SW 2nd & Washington, 1940

  1. Every single building in this photo within the first two blocks are gone. Beyond that, I know of only three surviving buildings interspersed among the following three blocks.

  2. The A-board parking sign got my attention. All day parking for only .25 cents and that was probably expensive.

  3. You can see the old Dahl and Penny, on the left
    If I remember correctly lasted till the mid 80’s

  4. Was there an attempt as some kind of humor in the upper window of the building on the left? I can’t quite read the entire sign except for “white china” and see the plates in the window of this second floor window.

  5. Carl, I can make out *something*something* Studios…White China. I believe that this area was part of the old China Town before it moved North of Burnside.

  6. Interesting and complicated 3 rail track layout demonstrates the difference in gauges between the interurban 4′ 8 1/2 ” standard gauge and the city streetcar’s 42″ narrow gauge. The interurban being of coarse the Bellrose and Oregon City cars. Made for some rough driving.

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