Beck Building, 1910

The building on the northwest corner of SW Broadway and Oak Street has had various names over the years. Built in 1908 as the Beck Building, it became the Artisans Building in 1920, and later the Commerce Building. It lost many of its ornate architectural features during a 1942 modernization. Now named Broadway Commons, the building is undergoing another renovation.

beck building 1910 field museum(The Field Museum)

9 thoughts on “Beck Building, 1910

  1. It looks like it lost all of it’s ornamental architectural features.

    I thought the Benson Hotel had already been built by 1910, but Wikipedia tells me it didn’t open until 1913.

  2. P.S.: For those not familiar with Portland, the Benson Hotel would be built on the grassy area to the right of the Beck Building.

  3. mention in the Abstract says 6 stories with the possible addition of another 4. Guess those didn’t happen

  4. Before the Benson was built what occupied that space? You can see what looks like the corner of a roof on middle left hand side of the photo.

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