Unidentified House, c1930 – Help Us Out!

This house might be a companion of the as-yet unidentified house featured last week. Again, an odd fire-escape is prominently featured but there’s very little else to go on other than the circa date of 1930. Perhaps the biggest clue might be that large, distinctive building in the distance on the right. Good hunting!

Found: Southwest corner of NW 21st & Lovejoy (looking north).

1930 May 15_b_A2001-083(City of Portland Archives)

NE Alberta & Union, 1947

A large portion of this area, looking east on NE Alberta Street at Union Avenue, remains intact since this 1947 photo. Most of the changes have taken place on lots that directly face Union (now Martin Luther King Blvd).

A2005-001.671 NE Union Ave and Alberta east 1947(City of Portland Archives)

Emil Schacht House, c1910

The 1898 home of prominent Portland architect Emil Schacht is the only example of the Shingle Style in Portland’s King’s Hill neighborhood. Shown here circa 1910, it still stands at 733 SW Vista Avenue, just south of Burnside.

emil schacht house 733 vista 20769 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW Thurman & 20th, 1952

It’s still possible to stand on this spot at NW Thurman Street at 20th Avenue but you’d be standing under four lanes of US30 as it rushes overhead. This view looks at the southwest corner. Walk three blocks west to 23rd and Thurman and look at the southeast corner; it has a very similar look even today.

A2005-001.844 NW Thurman at 20th 1952(City of Portland Archives)

Unidentified House, c1930 – Help Us Out!

Here’s a brain teaser to test your investigative skills. This house could be (or could have been) just about anywhere in the city. The address might be three digits starting with a 1 but it’s very hard to tell from this angle/distance/resolution. It appears to be a rooming house rather than a single-family home and it’s anybody’s guess as to whether it’s still around. Look familiar? Any help?

1930 May 15_A2001-083(City of Portland Archives)

Osborn Hotel, c1980s

By the 1980s, the 1890 Osborn Hotel building at SE Grand and Ash Street had seen better days. Years of neglect could have doomed this building but it would see better days again, as the building is nicely restored today.

osborn hotel 205 se grand 5753(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW Portland Aerial View, 1951

Wrapping up the week and the last two days’ posts of the Guild’s Lake Courts with this fine overhead view of NW Portland from 1951. The entire Guild’s Lake wartime housing complex can be seen in the photo center. Many other landmarks are visible including the old Vaughn Street ballpark. It appears that this photo was used for some preliminary sketches of a potential Fremont  Bridge and freeway access through Northwest.

A2010-002.614   Aerial photo map of NW Portland area 1951(City of Portland Archives)