Unidentified House, c1930 – Help Us Out!

This house might be a companion of the as-yet unidentified house featured last week. Again, an odd fire-escape is prominently featured but there’s very little else to go on other than the circa date of 1930. Perhaps the biggest clue might be that large, distinctive building in the distance on the right. Good hunting!

Found: Southwest corner of NW 21st & Lovejoy (looking north).

1930 May 15_b_A2001-083(City of Portland Archives)

22 thoughts on “Unidentified House, c1930 – Help Us Out!

  1. It looks like the guy used an old door to make that landing for the fire escape. Imagine your next door neighbor building that rickety monstrosity right off your front porch.

  2. Faintly on the right, there is a very tall building with slatted arched windows on the top floor. Is that a downtown building?

  3. Bill – maybe it’s an aerial for radio reception? I wouldn’t think lightning would be much of an issue in this soggy part of the world.

  4. The house must be at NW 21st and Lovejoy, facing Lovejoy. The house whose porch is visible on the right is across Lovejoy, in the same block as the church, facing 21st.

  5. From the view of the bell tower of St. Mark’s, assuming that is what it is, my guess is this house is at NW 22nd and Lovejoy, where Good Sam is now. The view in the photo would be looking east on Lovejoy.

  6. Carter Kennedy is right, this would be looking north along 21st, across Lovejoy. The house is right where the Chevron station is today. It can’t be on 22nd and Lovejoy because the tower would be behind the house diagonally across the block in that perspective. The tower is clearly aligned on the same side of the block as the house. The only perspective that works is looking north along 21st.

  7. Chris, here’s a better view of the tower. It’s not the same perspective because that view is hidden by trees, but in this view you can see the detail and that the tower is clearly not too short. Look at the brickwork along the top, the detail around the arches, and lower windows, everything is an exact match.

  8. Brian, you may be right, but I think the tower looks too far away for this to be 21st and Lovejoy. The blocks are longer from east to west, and if this were 22nd and Lovejoy, the angle of the photo, with the photographer standing just off the curb on Lovejoy, would show the tower diagonally across the long block just where it is in the photo.

  9. Copyright on photo. Go to historicphotoarchive.com and type consolidated — it will bring up a great 1953 aerial photo. Supports the great detective work above.

  10. “BEAUTIFUL furn. rms., all newly papered. Nice home for nice people. 680 Lovejoy at 21st”
    Sunday Oregonian, 11-13-1927, page 38

  11. Very similar tone and subject to that last fire escape photo. Bet these were shot while verifying fire code compliance for boarding houses.

  12. What a strange coincidence after seeing this photo yesterday. I recently acquired some old letters and books that belonged to Fred and Martha Monk. Tonight, I was doing a little research and it turns out they lived at 209 21st St N in 1930 when this photo was taken. That is the house on the left side of this photo (you can just see the porch).

  13. I hope you find some good memories or photos hidden in those books. Was this a random conincidence, a relative or a friend?

  14. This was a random coincidence. I collect local ephemera. Most of the books and letters were in German and belonged to Martha Monk – who was born in Germany and raised in Minnesota. All interesting – some from as far back as the 1890’s.

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