NE Alberta & Union, 1947

A large portion of this area, looking east on NE Alberta Street at Union Avenue, remains intact since this 1947 photo. Most of the changes have taken place on lots that directly face Union (now Martin Luther King Blvd).

A2005-001.671 NE Union Ave and Alberta east 1947(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “NE Alberta & Union, 1947

  1. Nice photo. I rode through that intersection just last night.
    I wish the buildings still had the character they had back then. Many of the buildings left look a little bland.
    You can see a couple small used car lots in this photo. Older Portland residents might know that MLK (Union) was Portland’s “auto row” along with west Burnside.

  2. Beautiful. That’s King Elementary on the top right, correct? Reminds us all that this life is human-made. Would love for kids to see a then-vs.-now photograph.

  3. Wow I grew up in this neighborhood off of Mallory and Wygant and went to King Elementary. Unfortunately my house is just out of the picture on the bottom right. It’s crazy how much this area has changes so many times since this photo was taken

  4. Carol, please see Sheriff’s office history files, 1914-2009. Pictures of the Kelly Butte Jail can be seen in Series 2 (organizational 1930-2006), box 1, folder 13.

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