Emil Schacht House, c1910

The 1898 home of prominent Portland architect Emil Schacht is the only example of the Shingle Style in Portland’s King’s Hill neighborhood. Shown here circa 1910, it still stands at 733 SW Vista Avenue, just south of Burnside.

emil schacht house 733 vista 20769 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

16 thoughts on “Emil Schacht House, c1910

  1. I found it on Google Maps. I have walked by there several times in the past and had no idea that I was walking right by such history. Thanks, Vintage Portland! Seems like I have attended a lecture about Mr. Schacht at the Architectural Heritage Center.

  2. One more thing about this area, two of my favorite trees are a couple of blocks south, on the east side of the street. A pair of giants, if you ask me–someone who grew up in Mississippi and has not yet seen any redwoods or sequoias–in front of a two-story brick house. Well, it might be a multi-family dwelling. I see what look like two front doors. Anyway, I’ll bet more than one of y’all know the name of those trees and/or something about the red-brick structure.

  3. @Lynette – next time you walk by those Redwoods, look to the lower left of the northern most tree. There is a fun plaque there that says “Portland’s Favorite Tree – 1987”. I wonder if there are any other trees in the city that won this award through the years?

  4. a neighbor whose family came over in an oxcart claims that similar trees were planted at the corners of lots to mark them. i don’t know if she is correct, but there are many houses with large redwoods or cedars on property lines in the williamette valley.

    those particular redwoods mark the boundary of the johnson estate from the 1870s (‘trees…’ claims jeffries) …there are a few more from the estate boundaries in king’s heights.

  5. It’s funny that street numbering in the first block south of Burnside in this area starts at 600 or 700. Because Burnside kind of angles compared to the east-west grid from downtown?

  6. Lovely old house. I guess it once had a yard as well.

    @Elliot, probably so. Perhaps also related – Burnside west of 16th was named Washington until 1933, but Washington is only the 500 block.

  7. You are right about the addresses Elliot. If you look at the intersection of the two street grids north and south of Burnside they had to do that. At say 2nd street the first buildings north and south of Burnside are both 100. Not so the farther west you go. In far north Portland they had to do that same thing for the same reason about 5 or 6 times.

  8. @Lynette – They are Coastal Redwoods, a type of Sequoia – not Giant Sequoias – but they still will get massive. In another couple hundred years the owners of that property may not be able to walk between them to get to their front door!

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