NW Thurman & 20th, 1952

It’s still possible to stand on this spot at NW Thurman Street at 20th Avenue but you’d be standing under four lanes of US30 as it rushes overhead. This view looks at the southwest corner. Walk three blocks west to 23rd and Thurman and look at the southeast corner; it has a very similar look even today.

A2005-001.844 NW Thurman at 20th 1952(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NW Thurman & 20th, 1952

  1. I used to live in a big roomy old fourplex in that neighborhood – NW Upshur and 25th. Our rent was very low. The landlord had bought it because he was expecting to make a killing when the expansion of US 30 happened. It never happened.

  2. the three corner lots anchored by the shop-to-shore radio store belonged to Orville W. Smith… (my father). he also owned the jeep station-wagon parked one car up from the corner (it was a 2by4 version i believe). as the story goes, my father both sold and repaired marine radio equipment; and had a local jukebox concession as well. he sold these lots (not long after the date of this picture) to Consolidated Freight lines for his choice of one of the owners three yachts (the ruby yacht), and an undisclosed amount of cash.. Consolidated later acquired the whole block… my father moved to a house up on NW Hoyt street where i and my brothers were born.

  3. I’m glad that f.loren clarified which corner that was, because we moved into our house in 21st & Vaughn in 56, & those houses were there then & the houses on the other side of the street didn’t look close to those buildings… Which would make this all CF loading dock area, which we really practiced our bike riding skills in. 21st was a busy “main street” in the area, and if you’d go back a block or two from the photographer you’d be in front of Norm Thompson.

  4. Fantastic seeing the comments by people who also grew up in this area. 15 years after this photo my family moved in 3 blocks north. My mother worked for years at the laundry at 23rd and Thurman.

  5. I could be mistaken, but this photo sure looks like the area of my first newspaper stand. Age (75) and not being around for some time have sort of dulled the memory but the photos do bring back alot.

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