Osborn Hotel, c1980s

By the 1980s, the 1890 Osborn Hotel building at SE Grand and Ash Street had seen better days. Years of neglect could have doomed this building but it would see better days again, as the building is nicely restored today.

osborn hotel 205 se grand 5753(University of Oregon Libraries)

11 thoughts on “Osborn Hotel, c1980s

  1. Thanks for this great photo! I go by here often and now will enjoy making the comparison as I look at this on my iPhone and the up at the building.

  2. Nice to see one that is looking better than before. Wish there were more like this. I heard on the radio today that an old Victorian was being levelled to make a double condo in Portland.

  3. nice! yes, always good to see a beautiful old building brought back from the dead. I frequent the East End bar quite often. little did people know over a hundred years ago that people would be rocking out in the basement of the building. (rocking out not even being in existence in those days. 🙂

    Free Baths for All Guests.
    Electric Call Bells and All Modern Conveniences. An Elegant Family Hotel.
    MISS MARY ALDRIDGE, Prop. W. C. WOOD, Manager.
    Corner Fifth and H Sts., – – – – EAST PORTLAND, OREGON
    Morrison Street Bridge Cars Pass the Door.”
    Morning Oregonian, Feb 2, 1890, Page 1

  5. “The Osborn Hotel, on East Ash and Grand avenue, has been successfully moved back to the new street line. After it has been raised up sufficiently high, it required only four hours to move it ten feet. This is the last large building on Grand avenue that had to be moved to accomplish the widening of the street.”
    Morning Oregonian, East Side Notes, June 21, 1894, Page 6

  6. it still amazes me that it’s possible to pick up a bulding and move it. even in modern times, let alone in 1894.

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