W Burnside & N 8th, 1928

Any evidence of these buildings along West Burnside at N. (now NW) 8th Avenue disappeared decades ago. With the exception of the Park Blocks to the immediate left, this is the last full block of Burnside to be widened in the early 1930s; that project would have taken 20 feet off these buildings. A modern residential high-rise sits on this site now.

W Burnside and N Eighth 1928(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “W Burnside & N 8th, 1928

  1. yeah, just imagine if the station owner, or even the people pumping their gas, would have known that someday that gas pump would sell for $16,000!! you could have bought a heck of a nice house for that back then.

  2. Love this shot. No great history but it makes your imagination take hold. Think of all the stories you could tell about this spot. Who worked at the filling station. Who visited the lunch counter. Who rode on the street car line. What was Portland like in 1928? Imagine the lives of veterans of WW1 who would have been in their twenties and thirties. Thanks for allowing me that moment of wonder.

  3. I believe that the building on the upper left (“..R Sales Co.”) is the corner of the one still existing at NW 8th and Couch. It’s the north half of the block along 8th, now used by International Culinary Schools, formerly Portland Sheet Music.

  4. Isaak, yes the food tasted better even in the 1950s, when I used to drop in at inconspicuous, unheralded coffee shops in Portland. A good chili or a tasty soup made a delicious afternoon snack. I’ve wondered if the cooks were using home recipes, or if they learned to cook in the service in WWII.

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