Smith & Watson Building, c1973

The 1883 Smith & Watson Building on the northeast corner of SW 1st & Main was one of the last cast-iron-fronted buildings to be demolished in Portland. VP fan Bud Holland was lucky enough to have taken these photos of the building shortly before its demise. And we’re lucky that Bud has passed these on for us all to enjoy.




smith-watson-c1975-01(Bud Holland)

8 thoughts on “Smith & Watson Building, c1973

  1. What’s with all those parking meters? Not a car in site. The area looks like a southwestern ghost town left behind when the Interstate Highway was put in 10 miles north of town.

  2. I could be mistaken, but I believe the three free-standing arches at the west end of Ankeny Plaza were salvaged from the Smith & Watson building.

  3. Yep, It looks nearly identical to the Main street elevation. Google also tell me that the pilasters at the East end of the plaza also come from the Smith & Watson building.

  4. Thanks Bud! A once noble building that unfortunately didn’t stand a chance. You can also see the two story building in yesterdays post to the left.

  5. Also believe that the columns in the last picture were saved and are on display at the Architectural Heritage Center.

  6. I was walking down 1st/Main today and noticed what looked like two old utility access sites in the sidewalk with the name Smith on them. It’s my last name so I stopped and took a pic. It’s pretty cool they’re still there.

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