SW 1st & Main, 1975

The newly constructed World Trade Center 1 looms in the background behind The Old Main Tavern at SW 1st Avenue & Main Street in 1975. Neither the Old Main nor the cast-iron building to the left would survive the next few years. Read more about the Old Main Tavern at this previous VP post.

WTC and Old Main Tavern 1975 9904(University of Oregon Libraries)

3 thoughts on “SW 1st & Main, 1975

  1. “According to Old Main Tavern manager Mike Booth, a ghost which haunts the upstairs of the historic watering hole will have to float elsewhere after the 99 year old building is razed.
    His establishment has been a tavern since 1927, he said, but at one time was a house of ill repute. According to legend, a woman was murdered there and her ghost still seeks the killer, opening locked doors and flinging pots and pans through the air.”
    The Oregonian, 7-22-1977, page 33

  2. According the ‘The Grand Era of Cast-Iron Architecture in Portland’, the two buildings to the north of the Old Main Tavern were the 1878 Heuschuch & Schmidt Building and the 1879 Harris Building. No info on the gray building south of Main.

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