30 thoughts on “Unidentified House, c1956 – Help Us Out!

  1. I’m guessing Mt Tabor area. Or Irvington. Definitely not NW PDX, house is too new for Alphabet district.

  2. Yep that’s it…. 1955 SE 22nd. Odd numbers face Mt.Hood, and even numbers face west. Odd numbers also face south, and even numbers face north. Looked close-in too. This was fun.

  3. I knew I had seen that house, probably in Colonial Heights.. I plugged in 1955 and SE 22nd (not sure why I didn’t start with 21st) and voila, there it was!

  4. Wow! That was fast! I was way off base. Thinking Alameda or Mocks Crest near UP, which I drive by every day. Nice work!

  5. Looks like you can see a sliver of the chimney on house at left just above the roofline.

    Another clue that this was on a north-south street is the West Hills peeking out in the distance between the 2 houses.

  6. Thanks Elliott. I noticed those hills but to be honest had no idea which ones they were (I’ve only lived in the Portland metro area for a little over 4 years so little slivers of geography or whatnot don’t immediately jump out at me like they do for some of you!)

    And thanks Carl for that nice piece of info about the street numbers.

  7. Someone should mention this post to the current owners of the house…They have their 24hrs. of fame! lol…

    It’s so cool to see old photos of your home. My wife and I were real lucky with our house. When we first me one of our neighbors, he mentioned that he grew up across the street, and in fact his parents still lived in the house (since ’39!) I casually mentioned that I’d be interested in seeing any family photos that might show at least a corner of our house. The next time I saw him, he surprised me with a perfect full front shot of our house from 1946! He and another neighborhood kid were standing in front.

    Great detective work Elliot!

  8. Nice find. And Dennis, make sure your browser isn’t cropping the left side when you expand the photo because the chimney is definitely on the house on the left. In fact the lower, wide, part of the chimney is blocking a small portion of the window behind it (just as it is in the street view, in fact).

  9. Nice work on tracking that down, Elliot.

    FWIW: the way I remember which side of the street is odd or even is the mnemonic device, “The NorthWest is an odd place to live.” 😉

  10. Jeez, doesn’t matter how early I drag my lazy bones out of bed,
    The VP gumshoes have already solved the case and are standing around the water cooler chewin’ the fat.

  11. I don’t know the location, for sure, but it could be on S.E. Stephens, between 20th and 30th, where there are a number of homes in this style. Another spot would be the neighborhood called Gainsborough (did I spell that right?) which is in North Portland, on the “M” streets. Since one of them (Montana?) was removed to make way for the I-5 freeway, this house may not even exist anymore. That dark area to the left of the house could be the West hills. Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:52:59 +0000 To: opigillmer@hotmail.com

  12. It always amazes me how many folks just jump right in guessing without reading the previous responses of those who have already solved the mystery. SMH

  13. The orientation of the TV antenna seems to be SW, but at 1955 SE address is already pretty far south. What transmitter is it pointing toward?

  14. Probably Council Crest (although it seems a bit south even for that). The original KPTV transmitter was on the tower just north of the park.

    I hope this isn’t too internet-stalkerish, but using the magic of Portland Maps, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn I sent notice to the registered owners about this thread.

    Of course Facebook wanted to extort a dollar from me in order to actually deliver the message to their Inbox, so they may never see it…

  15. The modern picture looks like it is on a rounded corner on the ipad but when i look on my laptop i can see that that is the spot!

  16. @ Dan – hahaha

    Odd = NW. That’s exactly how I remember which sides of the street the odd numbered addresses are!

  17. this is why I’m on this site every single day. I wish there were 10 updates a day, I’m addicted to local history!

  18. This looks like a typical Colonial Heights home….somewhere between SE 20th and 26th Ave…my sister is 1814 SE 2lst and there are homes that look exactly like this with the leaded glass windows and stucco exterior

  19. I’m gonna guess because it was a cloudy day, that this was perhaps April of 1956. We got flower and the trees are in bloom. April 2 Soap operas “As the World Turns” and “Edge of Night” premieres on TV, April 7 10th NBA Championship: Ph Warriors beat Ft. Wayne Pistons, 4 games to 1, April 16 1st solar powered radios go on sale, April 21 Elvis Presley’s 1st hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel,” becomes #1, April 23 U.S. Supreme Court ends race segregation on buses, April 27 Heavyweight champ, Rocky Marciano, retires undefeated from boxing

  20. On Street View it seems as though the TV antenna on the roof is still there! And that tree has grown considerably…

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