Pioneer Courthouse, 1915

Portland looked every inch the modern, sophisticated city in this 1915 portrait featuring Pioneer Courthouse in the center. The Portland Hotel hosted well-heeled travelers to the west while the American Bank Building and the newly completed portion of the Meier & Frank Building projected wealth and prestige. This view is to the northwest and the intersection at bottom right is SW 5th and Morrison.

A2004-002.1441 Post Office square 1915(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Pioneer Courthouse, 1915

  1. I wait for my second bus of the homebound commute on the corner of SW 6th and Yamhill, so I’m near here Monday through Friday. I wonder what sort of Portland icon the hotel would be, if it were restored and serving folks daily.

  2. Yes, the people really do look like art work. The sidewalk is missing lamp posts and shadows. Still, a real nice picture of the area.

    Meier & Frank Co.
    New Meier & Frank Building to Cost About $1,250,000.
    Base for Skyscraper Demands Excavation of 250,000 Cubic Yards of Earth and Superstructure Eats Up 3700 Tons of Metal.
    “We will turn the building over to the Meier & Frank Company by June 15, complete and ready for the installation of fixtures, in the time for the scheduled Fall opening, “ said Mr. Dinwiddle. “Now that the frame is completed we will commence building the side walls, then will come the plastering, the laying of the finished floors and the installation of the elevators and escalators.”
    Morning Oregonian, February 7, 1915, Page 8. This was the year of the grand opening, of the building in the picture.

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