SW 6th & Washington, 1952

City crews work to remove snow from downtown streets after a 1952 storm. This view is north on SW 6th Avenue towards Washington Street.

A2001-007.576 Snow removal SW 6th and Washington north 1952(City of Portland Archives)

23 thoughts on “SW 6th & Washington, 1952

  1. I see two of my favorite buildings, Pietro Belluschi’s Equitable and A. E. Doyle’s U.S, Bank. I like that Spellman’s sign, too! Does it say We Never Close on the Frank Nau Drugs’ sign?

  2. Yes, “WE NEVER CLOSE,” ironic in retrospect of course. I googled ‘Frank Nau drugstore’ and found a fair bit of interesting info right off the bat, like that they were indeed open 24-7 (for whose benefit?), or that Frank was a manufacturer of a dyspepsia cure who moved out here from NJ. NJ to OR? Must have been a sworn enemy of self-serve gas. 😉 Well not him specifically, apparently he died in 1915. He originally operated out of the Portland Hotel.

  3. I spy absolutely no trees along 6th Avenue in this picture. Check out that glorious 48 state US Flag flying up at the bank. 7 years later (1959), Alaska & Hawaii officially became states.. On January 14, 1952, a snowstorm killed 26 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Feb 8th – Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen of the UK. Feb 14th – 6th Olympic winter games open at Oslo, Norway

  4. No mention of another somewhat famous object, the two Wagner Scoopmobiles loading snow in the city trucks! Invented and manufactured here in Portland

  5. Oh Yeah, The Scoopmobile, Too bad they don’t receive the iconic status as Zamboni.
    BTW, Is that the Civil Defense logo on the truck doors ? I remember seeing that CD logo just about every municipal property as a youth.

  6. The building housing Spellman’s Shoes must have only recently been replaced by the Star Park that is on this block now. Does anyone know when it was demolished?

  7. Here is the 1939 view of this section of block showing the buildings prior to modernization. Frank Naus was apparently at this location for quite awhile.

    (I hope the attached Portland City Archive link isn’t borked).

  8. In addition to Wiener’s, Spellman’s and Nau’s, wasn’t Rosenblatts on this block, just out of frame to the left?

  9. Ian, according to the records listed on Portlandmaps, there were three warranty deeds for “615 SW Alder,” The first is undated, the second was for $700,00 in 1993 and the third for $1,050,000 in 1995. The property tax records only go back to 1997. I don’t remember if this section of Sixth served as a surface parking lot at any time between the time the older buildings existed and the multi-story parking garage was built.

  10. Us members of the antique bottle club here in Oregon are very familiar with Nau’s bottles. The dyspepsia came in an amber color and is very common. I have about 3 of his bottles from the turn of the century. The Port. hotel bottle being the most desirable.

  11. Thanks for the info Jim! Excuse my ignorance but when you say three warranty deeds does that mean that there have been at least three structures on this plot of land? That would imply that the garage was built in 1995 and maybe the previous building was demolished several years earlier in 93? Thanks for the link to the pre-remodel photo, it amazes me the layers of hidden history in our city.

  12. I’ll bet those women crossing are wearing fur-lined galoshes, the kind with the cute little elastic button strap, to cover their pumps!

  13. Yes, that does appear to be a Civil Defense logo on the door of that truck. One of these, presumably:

    Interesting that they were putting them on city trucks. I guess that was the part of the Proactive-for-WWIII policy that also produced the Kelly Butte bunker.

  14. Ian,

    Glad I could help. I’m no expert, but I’m assuming the term “warranty deed” as used on the Portlandmaps site refers to property sales. The deed goes with the land (or building – some Portland buildings have different owners than the land they’re built on).

    The Portlandmaps site is a valuable tool, but it’s a work in progress. There is a LOT of historic information that either has not yet been added to the individual properties listed, no longer exists, or is buried in someone’s attic awaiting future discovery.

  15. Google Earth timeline shows the buildings there in June ’94 but the garage is there in the next image in July 2000. Unfortunately before 2000 the images are pretty sparse so there’s no way to narrow it down any more but that would seem to agree with Jim’s evidence of a sale in ’95.

  16. Although this picture was taken 15 years before my time I see it as quite familiar to when I was a young girl selling packages of mistletoe in front of the downtown businesses for Christmas money. I also remember getting more snow back then than we do now

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