W Burnside, 1934

Today’s photo from 1934 is an “after” image to yesterday’s “during” image of the West Burnside widening project. The vantage point is very similar, looking west from 6th Avenue. Some buildings on both sides had their facades moved back to make room for a wider street. In the case of the Scott Hotel, it was removed entirely, leaving the lot at the far left empty even today.

A2009-009.643 W Burnside Looking West From 6th 1934(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “W Burnside, 1934

  1. I’m here every day on my way home from work. What a great photo to look at all over. Thanks! When I get home today, I’m going to take a longer look at it in detail.

  2. No kidding Mike, I once walked out of a store into the parking lot and found my silver Forester in a row with 4 others…all silver too! One of the reason I have a college cling sticker on my car! ;o)

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