W Burnside & Broadway, 1933

The West Burnside widening project appears to be at its peak in this 1933 photo looking west through the intersection with Broadway. The 1910 Lowengart building is losing quite a bit of its north face to make way for the street. On the left, the top two floors of the Scott Hotel have already been removed and the ground floor is not far behind.

A2001-062.3 Construction at W Burnside and Broadway west 1933(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “W Burnside & Broadway, 1933

  1. The tall building with windows. Is the Pacific Bell CApitol telephone exchange. The building had two floors added in the 1920’s. In the 1950’s AT&T Long Lines Dept built a new toll center a block over.

  2. Anybody else admire the rigging on that hoisting donkey. And how about the safety cage on that thing, In those golden days of yesteryear before the hard hat mandates, and workman’s comp. In ’33 you took whatever you could get and this is a perfect illustration of that ethic. Both this post and the earlier one Brian referenced are filled with very interesting detail

  3. The wheels on the front car appear to be some of the earliest steel wheels I have seen, usually they were spoke in that era

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