Rose City Waffle House, c1905

Portland loved waffles over a century ago as this early turn-of-the-century photo indicates. This building was originally the “Old Crosby House,” built in 1848 or 1849, the first frame residence in Portland. It was located on the east side of SW 4th Avenue between Yamhill and Taylor.

rose city waffle pna_06613 uofo 8293(University of Oregon Libraries)

13 thoughts on “Rose City Waffle House, c1905

  1. The house was originally at about SW First and Washington. It was moved at least once (possibly a few times) before it was demolished. It was also quite possibly the first “kit house” constructed in Portland. Captain Crosby reportedly brought the home in pieces around the horn.

  2. The posters in the left side windows are for the Baker stock company. That was the theater company founded by George Baker, Mayor of Portland from 1917 to 1933.

  3. In the background you can see a large building with the sign,”Gilbert House.” I believe this is an unadorned side of the extant 1893 Gilbert building on Third and Taylor. If so, it would be either the east or north face of the building. If it’s the north side, I wonder if the painted sign still exists under the side of the parking garage that now abuts the building?

  4. Jim: I believe there is a gap between the north side of the Gilbert Building and the parking structure, so if there was a remnant of that painted sign you might be able to catch a glimpse of it from atop the garage.

  5. I thought it said ‘butting’ until I looked closer, saw the ‘c’ and noticed it was ‘cutting’. So much to see in this photo. Is that a spittoon, horse trough or flower urn on the sidewalk? And what does that awning say? Would love to know. They sure made use of every square inch of room…184 1/2!

  6. Jane H. I think that object on the sidewalk is an old cast iron stove without the legs. Probably ready for the scrap man.

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