Harbor Drive Construction, 1947

Crews in 1947 work on the SW Harbor Drive overpass over SW Arthur Street, widening Harbor Dr. and building connections to the Ross Island Bridge. This section of roadway is now SW Naito Parkway and the view is to the southeast. Maybe half of the buildings we see here are still intact.

A2005-001.257 SW Harbor Dr at Arthur and Kelly southeast 1947(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Mosler’s Bakery occupied the ground floor of the building with the awning down at the lower left corner, on the NE corner of 1st Ave. and (what was the name of that street between Arthur and Sheridan?). Around 1950 Mr. Mosler was the only baker I knew of in Portland who made bagels. He would come out from behind the counter to hand my sister and me a free bagel.

  2. Lynette, the road, sort of a proto-freeway, being built in this photo is still very much there, it is Naito Parkway leading up to the Ross Island Bridge and on to Barbur.

    On the lower left side we can see the back corner of the Greyhound garage from earlier this week.

  3. @ George: The street in the lower-left corner of the photo (the one seen intersecting just north of the construction on Front) is Sheridan. ON that west side of Front/Naito there is no street between Sheridan and Arthur in the photo..

  4. And to compliment Tad’s link to the after-photo, here’s a before photo. Interesting to note, as mentioned in the comments to the photo in Tad’s link, you can see the large house in the upper-right (on the east side of Front between Grover and Gibbs) that was rotated 90 degrees clockwise to make room for the widening of Front. In the older photo I linked to you can see the house in it’s original orientation (facing west on Front) before.

  5. Facinating, looks like there’s a whole demolished block or two that fits the footprint of current I-405. Looks as though “Urban Renewal” happened sooner than I thought.

  6. Interesting picture…I remember in the 70s, early 80s going to Zapata’s mexican restaurant in that triangle building just on the other side of the bridge. Looks like the building goes back to the 40s or before. Loved that restaurant growing up! Not sure what’s there now though, kind of a tough location with the triangular building surrounded by heavy traffic.

  7. Upon second glance, the De-Cico warehouse would have been just out of frame to the left. The street in this photo that runs into the bus depot, the building with the jagged roof, is Water street; the warehouse was on Corbett, one street east.

  8. Ian, Corbett intersected with Water at this intersection just out of the photo. The De-Cico warehouse was at the SW corner and the Greyhound warehouse was at the NW corner.

  9. My house is still there! Such a sad way to rip up a neighborhood, and really a terrible design for the ramps to the Ross Island Bridge. We’re still living with these bad decisions today at every rush hour.

  10. In response to others: Yes, that is NCNM (probably still Failing Elementary School in this photo)… The empty blocks are not 405, they are under-construction on-ramps to the Ross Island Bridge. This is farther south than 405… The Triangle building is currently occupied by NCNM.

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