Unknown Location, c1961 – Help Us Out!

Let’s clear the weekend cobwebs with a Monday brain teaser. Your mission is to find this location; the date on the photo is circa 1961 and the address on one of the fourplex doors on the left appears to be “127” or “137.” All these houses have seen better days and chances are they didn’t survive the last half century but I’ve been fooled before. The finder of this location is indeed a VP master sleuth. Happy hunting!

Found: SW 2nd & Grant

unknown c1961(City of Portland Archives)

32 thoughts on “Unknown Location, c1961 – Help Us Out!

  1. Kinda looks like North Portland/Minnesota Freeway area. Maybe these homes were about to be razed. They can’t still be standing!?

  2. I’m guessing also, but maybe the western end of NE Fremont? 30ish and Stark feels kinda right too but the numbers wouldn’t add up.

  3. My first thoughts were NW PDX as in NW Vaughn, but the street numbers don’t jive. It was pretty slummy down there. The house numbers match up with the numbering for South Waterfront ie Lair Hill. It could also be pre-Colliseum site near NE Russell.

  4. Brian, I think you nailed it! And before 9:00! I see it in your photo link…
    On another note..Is that corn growing in the parking strip? Who knew- they had urban farmers back then…lol

  5. When I was a kid it was unusual for anyone we knew, to not to have a vegetable garden in their yard, no matter how small it was.

  6. Farming the parking strip here is a holdover from the ww2 victory garden movement. We and all our neighbors participated as urban farmers and corn was particularly well suited to the parking strip. Lawns were replaced with vegetables to help cope with shortages.

    Quaint idea that. Shared sacrifice.

  7. Ha, there they are. Amazing. Was I correct in thinking those are trolley lines? On that aerial photo you can see where there are ruts or something curving from 1st up Grant to the west, and on the system map they show the route taking a jog to the west from 1st over to 3rd somewhere below Hawthorne, right at the point where the original alignment of the city begins, which would be in this very spot.

  8. I found a wooden sign at an estate sale in Garthwick that had painted on it “NO TRESPASSING Portland Traction Co”. I don’t think it is paticularly old because it is layered plywood, but it is interesting to learn that the traction trolleys were in the Sellwood area in 1904. Probably a trolley enthusiast made the sign.

  9. Trolley Buses replaced by gas and diesel in 1958 I am thinking mid 50’s for picture date. Overhead wires were taken down shortly after trolley bus routes were discontinued. Best guess is up the hill on N Mississippi Ave between Freemont St. and Interstate Ave.

  10. On the hostoricarchive.net site I found the following photo from 1951 taken from the other end of this block.

  11. Looking north on SW Meade St. The large structure on the right with the person in the chair is the old Hippie supermarket popular in the late 60’s. The picture was taken in front of the church on the south west corner. The street is between First and Second on Meade.

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