WC Bristol Home, c1910

US District Attorney for Oregon William Coleman Bristol built this handsome home at 215 22nd St. N. in the early 20th Century. That street is now NW 22nd Ave. and the house, no longer extant, was on the southwest corner at Lovejoy St.

wc bristol home 215 22nd ave c1910 20747(University of Oregon Libraries)

7 thoughts on “WC Bristol Home, c1910

  1. Most of what they call rod iron today, is not rod iron, because they no longer make it. Rod iron has a grain like wood when you break it in half, it also resits rust better than the modern replacement. Blacksmiths today, are always on the lookout for real rod iron. If I recall correctly, real rod iron was made up until around the 30’s or 40’s possibly earlier.

    That Ironwork today would cost a fortune!

  2. We have a NW blacksmith club with some of the best blacksmiths in the NW, they have a event in the spring, I believe in Longview . And a big event this summer, in Government Camp.


  3. A lovely home.

    Good Sam Bldg #1 currently on the site was built in 1973 per PortlandMaps. I wonder if that was when this house met its demise?

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