St. Louis Hotel, c1930

The City of Portland Archives sends along this photo of the ramshackle St. Louis Hotel circa 1930. Its location is unknown but I’m sure someone in the VP community can track this down. There’s not much to go on so you’ll have to use all the tools in your kit. Good luck!

Found: NW 2nd Ave. & Everett St.

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Based on the G in the window of the hotel, I’m guessing it was somewhere on NW Glisan and was built while the Couch addition was stilled going by A,B,C instead of Portland founder names. This looks like it could have been one of the rough and tumble early North End hotels.

  2. The November 12, 1879 Oregonian has an advertisement for the St. Louis Hotel showing it on Front Street between Yamhill and Morrison.

  3. The August 3rd, 1875 Oregonian has another advertisement for the St. Louis Hotel, but this time listing it on Front Street between Salmon and Taylor.

  4. Building to the left of it has some distinctive brick work. That building might still be there. Looks familiar. Streetcar tracks out front. What is that that thing to the rear? A smudge or a big tank?

  5. I don’t think it would do any good to look in the 1936 City Directory, there are, “For Rent” signs, broken windows and empty shop areas so by the time this picture was taken it was abandoned. I’d go back as far as possible to the earliest City Directory and I’ll bet it could be found (if it hasn’t been already).

  6. Were there streetcar tracks on Front? The brick building on the left looks newer than anything I have ever seen in old pictures of Front.

  7. @ joan: nice find! joan is absolutely right, the brick building next door is the same one in the photo she mentions which can be found here. After spending a few minutes comparing every detail I could see in the brickwork (which all match exactly) I noticed the obvious giveaway which I hadn’t seen at all before then. At the very upper left-hand corner of the photo above (just to the left of the chimney) you can a hazy steel truss / framework. That is the top ring of the gas tank next door which can be clearly seen in joan’s photo.

  8. Given joan’s find, the building in question then was on the northeast corner of NW 2nd and NW Everett, with the tracks running along 2nd Ave.

  9. Joan – Well done, nice find! I see there’s a small “84” on the door between the two cars at the curb; that corresponds with the address on the Sanborn map. The “6” above the next door could have been “86” at one time.

  10. The best part of this website is that every comment offered leads to the solution. The Front Ave, NW PDX clues, along with the brickwork comments, and the aerial shots in the archives make this a fun site to visit. I also appreciate each link that is added.

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