NE Sandy & 42nd Ave, 1937

This is a nice 1937 aerial view of the Hollywood District with NE Sandy Blvd and 42nd Avenue meeting near the middle; the view is to the northwest. Many of the larger buildings are still in place, including the Hollywood Theater, but most of the single family homes are gone.

(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NE Sandy & 42nd Ave, 1937

  1. Another gem. Thanks! I can’t get over the cracks in the pavement at the back of the Hollywood on NE Broadway and on NE 42nd–do I have that right, Broadway? 42nd?

  2. From the Google Earth view, it looks like the two homes on the southeast corner of 42nd and Broadway have been incorporated into the Broadway Medical Clinic.

  3. The Hollywood Fred Meyer store, with its little rooftop parking lot, would have only been a few years old at this time. Great photo.

  4. The Fred Meyer store is puzzling. There is no rooftop parking, and the building looks like several connected buildings with wooden truss roofs. Wikipedia says that this store was opened in 1931, so it must be Freddy’s.

    I checked out Portland Maps, and it says the current building was built in 1950. Puzzle solved.

  5. It occurs to me as I gaze at the “foot print” of this what 10-12 block little neighborhood shopping district, that you can’t get a damn thing more at any mall that I know of, and I’ve seen Edmonton and Minneapolis many times that you could not get in the Hollywood District in the 40s and 50s. But it sure seemed like this little area and it;s contemporaries around town had a soul or something intangible that has gone missing. The market town atmosphere or something has is missing, Please forgive the rantings of a old man, maybe things just looked different thru the eyes of a child.

    @Carter. Yes the Freddy’s was rebuilt, enlarged and modernized in 1950.

    @ Lynette. Broadway was paved with concrete and those early mixes were prone to cracking even worse than modern formulations, In those glorious days of yesteryear the city took it’s street maintenance seriously and kept it’s infrastructure in good repair.


  6. Some of our confusion here may be that some people don’t realize that the current so-called Hollywood Fred Meyers is NOT the one that had the roof top parking…that building was located within spitting distance of The Hollywood Theater. It’s now the Rite Aid building on 41st and the entrance to the roof top parking is/was from the Hancock side. The newer “super shopping center” down on NE Weidler was designed and built in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    I always loved that roof top parking…I don’t know why, probably because I always knew that I’d never want for a place to park when running up to Freddies for that last minute item…I liked that. The Rite Aid sign on Sandy still holds the ghost of the original Fred Meyers Hollywood sign!

    I hope this helps a bit!

  7. I had no idea there were so many single family homes in this area at one time. I think the octagonal-shaped building on the triangular island north of Sandy is still there – Hollywood Burger Barn. Remember eating there a long time ago but can’t think what it was then called.

  8. I think the Fred Meyer on Weidler is called the Hollywood West FM to distinguish it from the original Hollywood (East) store that has morphed to RiteAid. When they were building the new store, FM promised they weren’t going to close the original store, but obviously that didn’t work out.

  9. I practically grew up in the old Hollywood store in the 50.s & 60’s. Between the two entrances facing 41st. was the Eve’s Restaurant lunch counter with a row swiveling stools. I can’t remember exactly where the TV tube tester was, it was either in the right or left side of the north entrance. The stairway from the roof parking formed the south side of the grocery section which was not as deep as the rest of the store because of the ramp to the roof formed it’s east wall. I think the area under the ramp was the grocery stock room. The rest of the main floor was the variety section to the south of the stairway from the roof. The stairs to the basement section were directly across from the south entrance. The basement had the sporting goods, housewares, and the fabric section. It also had the public restrooms.When the store was originally rebuilt, the roof top parking was on the west side of the ramp only. The original 42nd street side was not rebuilt until the 60’s which after that time you could park on the roof east of the ramp. The store mix began to change in the 70’s. Sporting goods and the gun counter down in the basement were the first to go. The TV tube tester went about this time too.The lunch counter was also eliminated sometime in this time frame too. After 1973 I moved around to various other location’s in the Portland area. In 1977 I bought my first house, ironically about a block away from where Hollywood West is now. I resumed shopping at the old Hollywood store, but the it was never the same. In 1986 I bough the the house I currently reside in the Rose City area. I found Rose City FM to be more convenient so I went there to shop. I found it had it’s own charms too. When FM closed them both I did not set step in an FM store for 10 years.

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