SE Division & McLoughlin Blvd, 1947

We start the week with a terrific aerial view looking down on SE McLoughlin Blvd. where it crossed over SE Division St. in 1947. The old Inman, Poulsen Lumber Co. sawmill covers much of the lower right side of the image, stretching down to the Ross Island Bridge. The Consolidated Dairy Products plant and the Portland Coke & Gas Co. storage tanks can be seen farther inland. Recent realignment of the McLoughlin/MLK overpass allows the new Oregon Rail Heritage Center to sit just north of the extant Inman Poulsen office at photo center.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th & Yamhill, 1952

Shoppers and local office workers walk south on SW 6th Avenue from Morrison to Yamhill Street in this 1952 photo. The parking lot would have been brand new, having just replaced the Portland Hotel on this block.

(City of Portland Archives)

Stephens Substation, c1930

Stephens Substation was part of the complex of six buildings that made up the Portland General Electric Company Station “L” Group. Station “L” was donated to Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in 1986. Still retained by PGE as an active distribution substation, Stephens Substation stands across SE Water Ave from OMSI’s planetarium.

(Library of Congress)

Reservoir #6, Part 5, 1916

The final part of our series on Reservoir #6 shows it complete and operational in 1916. The east-west divider wall is not visible in this photo but it separates the reservoir into north and south basins; only one is filled at a time. Water pressure from Reservoir #5 just uphill feeds the fountain in the active basin.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW St Helens Road & Bridge Ave, 1937

NW Bridge Avenue (right) angles off St. Helens Road on its way to meet the western approach of the St. Johns Bridge (behind us) in this 1937 image. That stone retaining wall is still there. The building on the far left (which is not the Linnton Portland Gas & Coke Company building) is no longer there. Google Maps shows a metal gate still closes off the wildly overgrown firelane seen on the far right.

(City of Portland Archives)

Oregon National Guard Armory, 1953

Sixty years ago the Oregon National Guard Armory building occupied a full block in the heart of Portland’s Industrial Northwest district, surrounded by breweries, auto and truck supply and repair businesses, transfer and storage warehouses and other blue-collar industries. Today the building covers only the north half of the block; it’s now a theater and is surrounded by posh condos with restaurants and shops that cater to the Pearl District’s residents and visitors. This view looks northwest at NW 10th at Couch.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW Davis & 8th, 1962

Probably not the most dramatic Columbus Day Storm photo you’ll see today but this gives us a little insight into what the North Park Blocks looked like in 1962. The three buildings in the distance are still standing. The one on the right provides a hint of what lurks below it’s cladding installed during a modernization attempt. This view is northwest from NW Davis & 8th.

(City of Portland Archives)