SW Barbur Blvd, c1934

Following yesterday’s post is another look at SW Barbur Blvd, this time a neat aerial from circa 1934. This time the view is to the north with SW Hamilton running left-right across the center. To this day there’s still a little pull-off where the car sits at the far left. Thanks to Scott Smith for sending this gem.

(Scott Smith)

14 thoughts on “SW Barbur Blvd, c1934

  1. Cool pic. You can even see the westside approach to the Ross Island Bridge–not even 10 years old yet.

  2. Having traveled this road many times, I have always wondered about that turnout and why it was put there. I still remember when they tore down the house b/t Hamilton and Barbur and built the townhouses (approx 20 yrs ago, bad idea). It also looks like they were prepping for the building of the Rasmussen Village Apts, I don’t think the house at the edge of the clearing survived. And it’s spelled Barbur.

  3. Carter: Just think about a few good days of rain with gravity and drainage. The effect it would have had on the road and the walkway along the side of the road. Rubber boots would be appreciated by southbound pedestrians on Barbur.

  4. Another great view of that Poulsen Mill and the “L” sub complex, it furnishes scale

    That the “good roads” movement fruition is having it’s intended affects is apparent here with this important link in the Pacific Highways (99W) completion. This road pretty well put the final nail in the coffin of west side electric commuter rail service (the SP Red Electrics) .

  5. I’m curious about the road surface though. Is it just an artifact of the photo, or is the road covered with… something?

  6. Grumpyswife…

    You’re probably right…well…kinda…let me explain:

    I simply typed in Grimm Exterior Location Credits and the first site that popped up sent me to a site with all the information I needed to know…photo’s too! While it didn’t give an actual address, it simply confirmed any questions one might have as far as general locations. Fun site!

  7. @Tad. Yeppers that’s a outhouse. I think we are looking at a temporary road surface here as they may be waiting for the grade to season and settle for year or so before investing in permanent pavement or maybe more funding or both. It appears the roadway has been oiled and chip sealed or sanded for the time being. Just a guess.

    Wasn’t this canyon the site of a earlier Portland city dump? Anyone know.

  8. I thought the dump was in the vicinity of Duniway Park, which would have been a bit down the road?

    @Brian definitely Mt. St. Helens, which comes out if you play with the contrast/brightness a bit. I don’t see another mountain but maybe Adams? I don’t think Hood wouldn’t be visible from this angle.

  9. You can see the 1926 Weatherly building just above the Station L area in the photo. The twelve story building was and still is (I think) the tallest building on the east side. Built by an ice cream businessman(!) according to Wikipedia.

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