SW Barbur Blvd, 1950

The scene looks vaguely familiar but the details have all changed since this photo was taken in 1950. The view is south on SW Barbur Blvd. looking toward SW Hamilton at the next traffic signal.

(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “SW Barbur Blvd, 1950

  1. Li Po was a Chinese poet. There seem to be a bunch of other Chinese lounges around the country that use this name.

  2. …and the Pagoda was recently done away with as well. Sad, but glad I got to go while it was still open 🙂

    Funny that there would be a billboard for it here, going in the complete opposite direction on the opposite side of town…

  3. I drive by here twice a day to and from work …not much has changed but agree with John Winn love the old billboard …have a menu from the 50’s for the Pagoda….love reading it from time to time.

  4. Probably not a Lipo Lounge in the replacement building of the Pagoda, Hollywood Key Bank. How much longer for the Poor Richards building?

  5. Not Fulton Park, which is located further south, near where Barbur curves to the north toward town after passing by the Burlingame Fred Meyer. I believe this is part of the Corbett/Terwilliger/Lair Hill neighborhood.

  6. My dad always hated this signal! He’d shift gears, mumble something under his breath, my mother would remind him about his two sons in the back seat…and then he wouldn’t say another word until we got home! (Capitol Hill/Burlingame Park area…originally Falcon Park!)
    Thanks for the smile, the laugh and the memory!

    By the way…aren’t we about ready for an anniversary for this site?

  7. @Jim. I know just how your dad felt. When you missed this light with a loaded big truck it added 10 minutes to your run to the top of breeze hill because it was just steep enough you needed 1st double under to start out. If you made the light there is a false flat along here and you could pick up a gear and if you’re making 9 cents a mile 10 minutes is a big deal. At least it seemed that way at the time.

    The Pagoda was probably feeling the competition from the Hi Hat and felt the need to remind folks they were going the wrong way

  8. I can think of quite a few spots where a “Prepare to Stop When Flashing” set up of this sort would be very useful. I can’t think of any existing ones here.

  9. Talk about deja-vu, I painted & maintained that bulliten board for a number of years for Ramsay Signs Inc. Our crew helped provide jobs in that end of the sign business. ( outdoor advertising) The Pagoda was a very nice restraurant in Portland’s Hollywood area.
    I also designed the electric sign, called out the ceramic tile exterior
    of the building. My associate in the Co. helped design the Bon-Sai
    Plantings for the landscaping. The combination of the sign, matching decor on the building, and the landscaping won a first prize in the state , and 2nd in the national sign design contest. The Pagoda was a long time business in the Hollywood area. Food and service were superb. I will surely miss that place.

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