Independent Fruit & Produce Co, c1932

The well-stocked display of the Independent Fruit & Produce Co. belies the depression-era economy circa 1932. Was this business, at what is now 705 SE MLK, the precursor to the famous Corno’s, a Portland landmark for years?

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Independent Fruit & Produce Co, c1932

  1. Hold up, is Corno’s gone?? When did that happen? I just Street-Viewed it and it’s an empty lot. (Also. A Belgian waffle shop? Yes, please.)

  2. Corno’s was torn down for the East Side Big Pipe. They dug a big hole there to access the tunnel being dug under Third Ave. Recently completed, and graveled over, except for the access hatch on the lot near 3rd St

  3. Even after all these years, it still seems odd NOT to see Corno’s there…but I can still see the ghosts of that landmark every time I go by…wonderful old friendly ghosts!

  4. @ Laura: based on the photos in the Google Earth timeline, Corno’s disappeared sometime between June 2006 and May 2007. I vaguely remember reading about it’s demise, though I didn’t realize it had been that long already.

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